Fun in the sun at Needham Montessori!

Every year we offer a unique summer camp experience that combines the principles of learning through play with outdoor fun! Campers enjoy arts and crafts, nature activities, water play, sports, games, and more. It’s the perfect opportunity for new students to transition into the Montessori program and for returning students to interact with peers and truly enjoy their summer in a familiar environment. 

Each week we introduce a different theme with activities and décor that keep things fresh and new. Children walk in wondering what they’ll see and do with excitement in their eyes. We take full advantage of the nice weather and children get the outside time they want and need to make their summer enjoyable and memorable. 

We offer something for everyone enriched with all of the activities and anticipation that make summer the best time of year! Contact us to learn how you can enroll your child at Needham Montessori. 

Ask about our February and April Programs.