Grades 1-3 - Lower Elementary

An immersive experience for young students, a Needham Montessori elementary education provides a comprehensive curriculum that embodies self-direction and an enthusiastic approach to learning.

Our Lower Elementary students develop a unique ability to take charge of their education through multi-age classrooms, peer to peer collaboration, hands-on learning, and making a connection with their surroundings. Needham Montessori elementary students work together to investigate complex concepts from a rich and engaging curricula. They self-select topics to research and study. They gain a thorough understanding of material in subjects including mathematics, language arts, history, science, geography, and the world around them.

Math and language arts are the core of the elementary program. Students increase their reading stamina and writing is often related to science and social studies topics that introduce lower elementary students to research and reference skills.

The work cycle is a time for students to focus independently on topics of learning they choose to investigate. The work cycle takes place in an environment developmentally appropriate for each individual child. This frees each child’s learning from imposed grade level restraints.

Throughout the day students may also be seen working in whole class and small groups instruction. Continuous observation and assessing student knowledge by the teacher allow students the opportunity to receive further instruction of concepts they either find challenging or others that accelerates their learning.

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