Pre-School – K (2.9-6yrs) - A Journey of Self Discovery

Welcome to Children’s House, where classrooms promote a peaceful learning environment for children to succeed. In accordance with Montessori techniques, calm music, engaging materials and grace & courtesy are incorporated into everything we do each and every day. This helps to keep the focus on the task in front of them learning with interesting and fun activities that pique their curiosity. Whether it’s scooping and pouring coffee beans; polishing a shoe; watering plants; building the Pink Tower; making words; tracing the countries of Europe or counting into the hundreds with the Thousand Chain, children learn by doing and through play.
Our pre-school and Kindergarten aged children become more self-aware and their learning shifts to both structured and independent activities. Social interactions become more prevalent, and our teachers introduce basic concepts of learning from numbers, shapes and colors to the alphabet, stories and comprehension. Students refine their senses and use task-oriented Montessori learning materials to explore order, repetition, language skills, and logic. Through trial and error, they develop self-motivation, concentration and coordination that results in critical thinking skills.
Learn. Play. Grow. Explore.
Where your child is more than a student, they’re a part of a community.
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