Our infant and toddler students learn about their world through sensorial materials and activities that encourage children to touch, taste, smell, listen, and interact in any way that meets that child’s need. Play is young children’s work; it is how they learn and is the basis of our curriculum. Both infant and toddler programs incorporate developmentally appropriate milestones to be achieved. We understand the individual needs of every young child and nurture them accordingly to create an environment in which they can thrive.

Preschool to Kindergarten

Children’s House, where classrooms promote a peaceful learning environment. Our pre-school and Kindergarten aged children enjoy both structured and independent activities. Social interactions become more prevalent, and our teachers introduce basic concepts of learning from numbers, shapes and colors to the alphabet, stories and comprehension. Through trial and error, they develop self-motivation, concentration and coordination that results in critical thinking skills.

Lower Elementary

An immersive experience for young students, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that embodies self-direction and an enthusiastic approach to learning. Our Lower Elementary engage in multi-age classrooms that combine students in grades 1-3, peer to peer collaboration, hands-on learning, and making a connection with their surroundings. Students work together to, breakdown complex concepts, and gain a thorough understanding of material in core subjects and individual curricula at their own pace.

Multi-Aged Classrooms

Opportunities for leadership and to be role models that builds confidence and bonds with classmates and teachers

Self-directed Education

Children progress at their own pace in Everyday Living, Math, Language, Science, Sensorial, Geography and Art to develop mastery

Life Skills

Working independently and in a group, gain organizational skills, learn from mistakes, problem-solving, sharing ideas/public speaking