About us

Welcome to Needham Montessori, where a love of learning begins.

Our distinctive independent school is a child’s introduction to life-long education. It’s where curiosity meets exploration, communication, and collaboration thrive.
Greeted every morning by skilled educators, our youngest students enjoy a full day of engaging activities and meaningful play while grasping basic concepts that became the foundation for learning math, language arts, science, and more.
Our elementary aged students are both eager learners and mentors to peers. They develop a comprehensive understanding of subject matter and rotate through different activities during the day for a progressive, experiential approach to studying curricula.
Needham Montessori students learn how to work independently as well as in groups, are encouraged to interact with classmates and share thoughts and ideas, and develop a strong sense of self that carries with them outside of the classroom.
Our students enjoy an environment rich with wonder, diversity, and discovery. Our classrooms include materials to support intrigue and understanding. Our teaching staff model active empathy using proven techniques to help students develop academic mastery, social character, and personal confidence. Needham Montessori is an inclusive school that does not discriminate on the basis of mental or physical disability, special needs, or gender identity. Nor do we discriminate on the basis of color, national origin, ethnicity, creed, sex, or gender identity.

We embrace all students and welcome the opportunity to teach your child in a small classroom environment.

3 : 1

Infant Class

4 : 1

Toddler Class

10 : 1

Preschool - Grade 3