Infant / Toddler ( 4 weeks to 2.9 months) – A Home Away from Home

For infants, teachers assist with daily tasks including eating, diapering, napping, and play. It’s a repetition of activities that help us understand your child’s individual needs and gets them comfortable with their environment.

As these students become toddlers, they start to become more self-aware. Their classroom becomes a home away from home with everything their own size – from the tables and chairs, shelves, plates and utensils, and even the bathrooms, everything starts to become more accessible to help them hone critical independent skills.

In this environment, toddlers explore the world together, learning much more together or on their own. The Toddler Program offers an environment rich in physical, sensorial, intellectual, and social learning opportunities.

During this developmental stage, children establish fine and gross motor skills; learn to speak while forming language skills; feed themselves at snack and lunch; choose activities from the shelves; potty-train; work alongside peers and reach many other first milestones. Children strengthen their core and legs while practicing balancing as they walk up and down the stair structure. Toddlers love listening to stories: turning the pages and pointing to familiar objects, especially animals.
Our infant and toddler students learn about their world through sensorial materials and activities that encourage children to touch, taste, smell, listen, and interact in any way that meets that child’s need. Play is young children’s work; it is how they learn and is the basis of our curriculum. Both infant and toddler programs incorporate developmentally appropriate milestones to be achieved. We support your family by understanding the individual needs of every young child and nurture them accordingly to create an environment in which they can thrive.
Learn. Play. Grow. Explore.
Where your child is more than a student, they’re a part of a community.
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