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Practical Life Focused on teaching students care of environment by giving them repeated and continuous opportunities. Everyday activities are given such as cleaning and arranging are done so that students may work on sequential thinking, coordination, and understanding.
Sensorial Using materials and other experiences to explore and learn about shapes, sizes, colors, smells, tastes weights, and textures. Students will also be able to develop logical and orderly thinking.
Mathematics Concept of numbers is introduced, using shapes, rhythms, and different sizes. Students are taught quantities, the idea of odd and even numbers and zero by physical concrete lessons that will give the students opportunities to learn and understand.
Language Every activity is followed by language giving opportunities for the students to build vocabulary, develop clarity of thought and speech. Adding the family of phonograms, children are able to learn solid word attack skills to learn sight reading. Once writing skills develop, labeling, spelling and sentence analysis activities are added to the curriculum.
Art, Music, Geography, Biology, Science, and Additional Programs Different subjects are introduced in the same way as other materials are introduced, so to extend the student's range of interests.

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