The Montessori Math materials are designed to develop mathematical concepts. The child is introduced to math with Introduction to Numbers lessons such as the Number Rods, Sandpaper Numerals, Number Rods and Cards, and Spindle Box, The Memory Game of Numbers & Cards and Counters.

The Decimal System materials are invaluable for working concretely with addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Beginning with the Golden Beads, the child learns about place value.

Teens and Tens centers around working with the Bead Stair, Ten Bars, and Bead Cabinet. Children gain a comprehension of addition using beads of numerical value between one and ten.

Memory Work requires more critical thinking as the child works on Addition with the Snake. There are many steps for the child to check their work by comparing the beads from their original layout of the “snake” with the golden beads. There are also Addition and Multiplication Finger Charts that challenge the child to use more abstract thinking as they work with their fingers on various types of graph paper rather than concrete materials.

There are three Passage to Abstraction works: The Small Bead Frame, Fraction Cones, and Fraction Insets. The Fraction Cones and Fractional Insets show the child the relationship between a whole and two halves, three thirds, and four fourths. The child can make comparisons between all four as they have the same dimensions.

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