Geography in the Children’ House classroom is the child’s first introduction to Cosmic Education. Children learn about the world around them and their place on planet Earth. Peace is the cornerstone of Montessori education. At the Peace Corner, children can sit quietly when they need space from their peers and the curriculum. Children also use Peace Rose for conflict resolution. It’s also important to celebrate diverse cultures. Teachers and children use pictures, objects as symbols, music, food, art activities, and clothes to learn about how different cultures celebrate holidays. Displayed on the Geography shelf are three jars, each jar with an element: soil, water, and air. The class discusses how everyone shares these elements. The class also discusses the Sun.

Where Are We? Children explore the Land and Water Globe, pictures of the Earth, discuss time in relation to the Sun, perform the Birthday Walk, sequence cards for the History of the Child, Continent Globe, and Stacking Boxes.
Transitioning from the Land and Water Globe & Continent Globe, children work on Puzzle Maps. Each map has assorted colors for the continents, states, and countries. The first map is the World Map. Second, the child works on the United States puzzle map. There are also puzzle maps for each continent. Children create their own maps by tracing a control map. Then they trace each puzzle piece on corresponding construction paper, cut it out, and glue it to their map paper. Then they label the continents, states, and countries before taking their activity home.

Flags are symbols of nations. Starting with the American flag because of its familiarity, children learn that all flags are different and that they all have symbols. It’s important to show respect for the name of the country and the flag of the country.

Physical Geography activities such as the Land and Water Forms introduce children to lake/island, cape/bay, gulf/peninsula, and isthmus/strait. As an extension, children can match pictures cards of different land and water forms.

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