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Prepared Environment
 ♦  Materials are displayed on shelves in defined spaces for each curriculum subject, encouraging independent choices
 ♦  Activities start off simple and advance through more complex works, providing the child opportunities to develop skills
 ♦  Students explore all their senses working hands-on with the Montessori materials
 ♦  Children learn to take care of and respect the classroom community

Multi-age Classrooms
 ♦  Opportunities for leadership
 ♦  Older children learn how to be role models
 ♦  Gain confidence
 ♦  Building bonds with classmates and teachers through the 3-year-cycle
 ♦  Low walls connect the classrooms and provide a sense of school community

Self-directed Education
 ♦  Children progress through the curriculum at their own pace
 ♦  At any given time, students work in Everyday Living, Math, Language, Science, Sensorial, Geography and Art
 ♦  Children work independently and concentrate on the activity to develop mastery

Life Skills
 ♦  Working independently and in a group
 ♦  Organizational skills
 ♦  Learning from mistakes, problem-solving
 ♦  Completing activities/projects
 ♦  Sharing ideas/public speaking

Teacher Training
 ♦  Trained in developmental needs of children
 ♦  Trained in all areas of the Montessori curriculum, working directly with the materials that the children use
 ♦  Trained observers



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